How to work with us

Our proofreading and editing process is very simple:

procedure of proofreading and editing

1. Send us your document. At this stage, please tell us:
•what type of document it is (letter, academic paper, presentation, etc);
•if you require American English or British English spelling;
•if the document should be formal, informal, or neutral;
•the date you would like us to return your document.

2. We will review your document and work out:
•how long it will take us;
•how much it will cost;
•the date that we will return your document.

We will then send you our quote. If you agree, pay us as soon as possible. The moment we receive notice of your payment, we will begin correcting your document.

3. We will correct your document and send it back to you.
During this process, we may request to have a meeting with you over the telephone or Skype, if we need further information to proofread your document correctly.

Your document remains in our system for the next 72 hours. Within this time, if you wish to query any of our changes, you can request a meeting with us over the telephone or Skype in order for us to explain our changes.

When you use our English proofreading service, we keep a record of your name. In the future, if you decide to use our service again, we will make sure that the same proofreader corrects your document, as they know your work.

For long-term clients, the proofreading process is the same in every way except in terms of payment. For each document we receive from you, we will tell you the cost of correcting it, but add the total to your bill which you pay at the end of the month.

Long-term clients also benefit from a more personalised service from us. When we begin our cooperation, we give you the personal contact details of the proofreader assigned to your documents. You can contact them at any time if you wish to ask them a question or if you have any urgent proofreading for them to complete. If you are interested in becoming a long-term client, please contact us.