Companies and public institutions

Staff may speak very good English. Staff may even be English. But using a specialist English proofreading and editing service can really help to improve a text. We will find mistakes that may otherwise go unnoticed and that can make a text look unprofessional. We will also be able to transform sentences and paragraphs so that they are easy to read and understand.

At mrLingua, we can proofread and edit

  • correspondence
  • websites
  • press releases
  • any literature about company products or services

How we work with you

  • Send us any company document and we will proofread or edit it.
  • We can work to short deadlines, so you can send a text to us at any time.
  • We keep all information confidential. Your text remains your property even while in our care.
  • If you plan to send a lot of texts, we will keep a record of the cost and invoice you at the end of the month (or on a date that you choose) in order to keep payments convenient.