Non-native to English translators can benefit from our service as our proofreaders and editors are all native speakers of English. Our knowledge of idioms, expressions and collocations will make your translation sound as though it was written by a native speaker.

At mrLingua, we can proofread and edit

  • any text translated by you

How we work with you

  • Send us any text and we will proofread or edit it. If possible, send us a copy of the source text as it may help us to improve the English version.
  • Please note – in our experience there are two types of translator: those who want to stay as true to the source text as possible (regardless of the quality of the source text), and those who want to take the essence of the source text but transform it into a well-written English text. We have the same goal as the second type of translator and will always try our best to get the English text to sound as good and as natural as possible. However, if you would prefer to stay true to the source text, please let us know when you send us your work.