Price and time frame

English proofreading and editing prices:

Our price for English proofreading or editing is 15 GBP per hour. Based on this hourly rate, the price per page* typically works out to be one of the following:

(correcting errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar)**
(proofreading, as well as reconstructing sentences and paragraphs when necessary to make them sound better)**
General English
(anything without specialist vocabulary)
Technical English
(anything with specialist vocabulary, e.g. science, medicine, engineering)
*At mrLingua, we consider one page to be 1800 characters (including spaces). This is around 300 words.

**We decide on the service required for your text (either proofreading or editing) when we see it. You don’t need to choose the service your text needs unless you want to.

To find out how much your document will cost, please send it (or a sample) to us. We will send you a quote within 24 hours.

Included in our English proofreading and editing prices is our help with any queries you have after we return your work. For more information on this, please visit our how to work with us page.

Discounts are available to

• long-term clients
• texts over 20 pages
• students

Please contact us for more information.

Time frame for our English proofreading and editing service:

proofreading and editing time frame

Please click here to send us a document.
We will send you the quote (time frame and price) within 24 hours.

Our time frame is negotiable, so when you receive our quote please let us know if it doesn’t suit you. When you send us a document you can also let us know when you want us to return it and we will do our best to meet your needs.